Friday, April 30, 2010

If April showers bring May flowers what do Mayflowers bring?

It's finally raining. And with that...comes a big heavy sigh of relief.

One day this week, Shelby and I went for a walk, and she looked down at the cracks in the sandy soil near the Cross Bay Landing and she said "Oh my gosh, Mom, it isn't supposed to look like this. What is going on?"

The Cross River is really low--even by summer standards.

What's going on is that we've had no rain. . No floods. No gentle rains. Not even like the Bambi song... drip drip drip little April showers. Not until today.

The days have actually been gorgeous. Perfect for raking and getting the docks in, for spring projects like washing the windows. But when the woods are this dry, I even get thirsty being outside. We enjoy the sun, but we scan the horizon often. At the gas station, at the grocery store, people wonder how dry it is, and when it's supposed to rain.

This morning, as when I drove up the Gunflint Trail, my shoulders relaxed. Whew! Smokey was still saying EXTREME, but he was a little wet.

And--it's still raining now. Maybe not enough to raise the lake levels yet, but enough to keep the red flags down, even if only for today. I'm not thirsty anymore either.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Gunflint Green Up is Coming!

Time for our 3rd annual Gunflint Green Up!

May 2007

May 2008

May 2009

Coming Soon: May 2010!!!!

. May 7 & 8 we'll be releasing some of the 100,000 trees that have been planted during the previous Gunflint Green Up celebrations. Releasing is cutting away the competitive vegetation from around the small pine trees--letting the sunshine in.

Friday, May 7

2:00 Sneak Peak at what's coming to the new Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center 3:00 Centennial Trail Hike 5:30-7:30 Welcome Picnic at the Big Top at Gunflint Lodge with music by the Pincushion Warblers 7:30 Bill Lane will share his "Owl in a Night's Work" presentation.

Saturday, May 8

9:30 Releasing trees at assigned locations along the Gunflint Trail 5:30-7:30 Thank You Dinner at the Big Top at Gunflint Lodge with music by The Sivertones

7:30- Dance to The Trail's End Band

Please register by April 30 at The registration fee for all meals and programs is $45 per individual or $100 per family (1- 2 adults and their children 16 years of age and

younger) and includes Friday's dinner, evening presentation, Saturday tree releasing, box lunch, dinner, dance, and t-shirt. Please visit the website for ala carte options, registration and more information.

Caring for our environment is a meaningful experience, please join us for this community building event.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Ice Berging

In the car on the way to church we were recalling Easters past. Never have we paddled in Minnesota on Easter. There's a memory.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paddling Weather

All week we've been driving past a wide open Cross Bay calling us --and after a winter-full of no paddling, yesterday we couldn't resist. We loaded up our curious black dog, and headed toward Ham Lake.

I hate to keep pointing out how weird this is for us....but it's only April 2nd....the paths are dry and it doesn't even smell like spring. What is that? Maybe because we need rain. If I believed it would make a difference, I'd certainly be dancing for the rains. I'd even sing karaoke to "Raindrops keep falling on my head" or "I love a rainy night", if it would help (even through Daniel's horror). "Here comes that rainy day feeling again."
I'd take requests even. Maybe I should just start singing all the time, just on the off hand chance that it would work. ,...Somewhere over the rainbow..way up high...there's a song that I heard of, once in a lullaby.

When we got to Ham, we had plenty of room to paddle around the rotten ice. I included video from our regular little camera, even though I have no software to edit it, and apparently I can't rotate it either. We floated in the ice while it was dissolving. The wind picked up---we back tracked, and the entire sheet closed up and crashed into the shore----we just sort of kept navigating through the open water, as it all opened up on that lake. The lake was alive, changing, the ice was dying, and we were in it. It was really cool.

Later, on Round Lake after school, Shelby explained nature of ice-berging--you have to keep pushing and pushing your limits until you get wet. I think she was also describing the nature of Shelby.

It's a good thing she did that yesterday, the wind picked up in the middle of the night and cleared off Round Lake. Andy and I both woke up to listen to it go. That was some kind of wind. But no rain. (Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...telling me just what a fool I've been.)

I've got to tell you, it sure was nice to be in a boat again. The 2010 paddling season has begun! We're here, (just Singing in the rain), ready to help you get out there. (Oooooo, I hear laughter in the rain....)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Round Lake Ice

11:ooam ice conditions
I don't think it's going out today. If you could feel the warm sun, you would know it can't hold on long...we'll be paddling soon.....