Saturday, September 27, 2008

2 Guys Up The Falls Chain

Scott Crawford and Scott Cochran just had a week in Quetico---the had gorgeous weather for their fishing trip to Kawnipi.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shades of Red and Yellow, Orange and Green

I'm pretty content with the (approximately) 759 shades of green that we get to live with and observe during the spring and summer around here---especially on the bright blue days.

Then come these fleeting fall days, as chlorophyll leaves the leaves, and we get the splendid outburst of color. I've had decades of autumns in my life, so why is it still so surprising? The last few days have been absolutley lovely. Great for canoe trips, hiking, working, driving, just living.

Something about the peak of fall colors makes me anxious. The colors are stunning for such a short slice. I wonder why can’t I just enjoy and appreciate it, live in the moment? Instead, I ache to hang on, take a picture, save some perfect leaves, because everyone I know should see it RIGHT NOW---because if we have a windy storm tomorrow, or next week, it might be gone. Mother nature only shares her florescent finery for a brief minute---you either catch it or you don’t. Maybe she is too modest to show her colors for long, and then we’re back to the subtle humble majesty that is so calm and peaceful in any season.
Wouldn’t it be fun to do the fall color tour…to start in Canada and just follow the changing of the leaves for weeks, until it is done. When and where is it done? Late October in Missouri? I don’t even know. Sounds a little tense to me, trying to follow the peaks. Instead, I'll join our guests and be grateful that I'm here today---it's another golden one!

Monday, September 15, 2008

September Days

Sunny days keep us hopping---the best time to dry and clean equipment, linens, carpets, EVERYTHING....something about the crisp cold days trigger the instinct... "Hurry hurry hurry button down before the snow blows again!"
And this is what tent hill looked like today---(and those who have scrubbed a tent on tent hill have the truest appreciation of the scene---none more than Andy and Paul)

On our local wolves---
All summer they intermittently reminded us that this is still their territory-they came and howled right next to the lodge. Made for a chilling thrill for guests, but we think we've found the pattern---when other dogs come to visit, it sets them off. They come in close, howl--we see them on the road by the back house. Then Andy supplies Daniel and his friends with soda--sends them out to "mark" our territory. I don't know that it works, but the boys sure get a manly kick out of it; I think they feel like pack leaders.
A few weeks ago, staff members Andy and Paul were in the canoe yard when they thought they saw someone swimming across the bay out in front of our dock. Upon closer look, they realized it was a deer with a full rack swimming like crazy across from the rock (we call Yogi) toward the public landing. Andy Ahrendt was sure wolves must be chasing. About 5 minutes later, a wolf trotted down in front of Cabin 2 stopped next to fish surgery, where our guest Ed was cleaning fish. This wolf clearly had only one big buck on his mind, and no regard for the rest of us. Andy and Paul scooted after that guy as he headed over toward the Trading Post and into the woods.

Sadly, Paul saw a wolf pup carcass on the Gunflint Trail by our mailbox---apparently hit by a car. Later in the day, the pup was gone. Did people or the other wolves take it? Does the pack mourn the pup? I've usually had multiple dogs, pretty sure that they do---I wonder what that looks like.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fire Restrictions Lifted---

The cooler weather, a few rains have reduced the fire danger in the woods---all fire restrictions were lifted yesterday at noon.

The crisp September weather isn't disappointing the lucky few that get out in the woods this time of year! At Tuscarora, the kids have returned to school, Andy and I and staff members Andy and Paul are getting into the groove....busy covering all the jobs around here...

I sort of get a kick out of slipping out the back door of the kitchen where I am cook and waitress, and greeting the same people in the store for fishing licenses, and then scooting over to the office on the short cut path, just so I can see their faces as they walk into the office and see me behind the desk. I feel like an old Jonathon Winters TV skit. Or when Eddy Murphy plays all the parts in his movies.

And the seasons go round and round...