Monday, March 31, 2014

Tribute to Denali

You know, it has been a huge honor and responsibility to have another being devote her whole life to our family.  This weekend we had a chance to reflect on Denali's life.  She was a great woods companion for Daniel.

She accompanied Shelby on all her workouts.

She kept Andy company.

She was tireless retriever.

And she was my faithful girl.

She was so devoted to figuring out what we wanted her to do, and then doing it.  
This morning, she was mighty uncomfortable--but when I asked her to follow me into the vet's office, of course she did her best to comply.  I whispered into her ear---I thanked her for watching out for us, for being such good company, for her absolute loyalty.  I told her we loved her, and that she was a good dog, the best dog.  And then I said goodbye.

 She took a little chunk out of each of our hearts with her, that's for sure.