Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fire Restrictions Lifted---

The cooler weather, a few rains have reduced the fire danger in the woods---all fire restrictions were lifted yesterday at noon.

The crisp September weather isn't disappointing the lucky few that get out in the woods this time of year! At Tuscarora, the kids have returned to school, Andy and I and staff members Andy and Paul are getting into the groove....busy covering all the jobs around here...

I sort of get a kick out of slipping out the back door of the kitchen where I am cook and waitress, and greeting the same people in the store for fishing licenses, and then scooting over to the office on the short cut path, just so I can see their faces as they walk into the office and see me behind the desk. I feel like an old Jonathon Winters TV skit. Or when Eddy Murphy plays all the parts in his movies.

And the seasons go round and round...

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