Monday, May 12, 2008

Fishing Opener Pioneers Return

The first hearty groups returned yesterday and today---happy to have been the pioneers, all have had their fill of Lake Trout!

  • A mother moose gave birth to twins on the shore of Rib Lake-
  • Tuscarora was frozen to the edges on Friday so John Ewerts group floated/towlined their canoes along the shore (where they couldn't paddle) to the Little Sag portage. Tuscarora is all open now.
  • Fishing was great in the Peter/Gabi/Gillis areas. John Ohman's group really enjoyed the views around Peter--their favorite part of the trip. He called it a mountain lake---and can't wait to come back and explore. The moose are plentiful, the scenery is so different. They loved that.
  • On Friday Gillis was also an ice adventure to paddle---and they could only get through on the north side of the lake to the French Lake portage.
  • A few sunburns, stories of a snowy Saturday morning, unanimously happy campers.

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