Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm looking out at the frozen sunshine over Round Lake. I'm so happy to have the afternoon and my hot chocolate mug, and the sappy continuous light rock Christmas songs. Who ever would listen to Dan Fogelberg any other time of the year?
We visited Chicago for Thanksgiving, to connect with Andy's folks and sister’s family. We took the kids downtown on Saturday, marveled at the skyline and the convenience of the streets, the hot dog stands, balmy weather, museums, no snow. We had a great time, and sure appreciate the appeal of a big city. So much that Andy and I looked at each other and said---"Why again did we move up to the tundra?"

Since we've been back, I can't seem to stop smiling. There is no place like home...I was thinking as I drove the Gunflint Trail this morning. How come the view of the Cross River still takes my breath away when I'm running our road? We really are held in the spell of this setting, even during the coldest darkest season. I like a lot of places that I've visited, but have found no place yet on earth that I like quite this much. Lucky us that we get to live here.

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