Thursday, August 13, 2009

We love our summer staff

It's that time of year again....when we're all scooting around trying to take care of everyone and everything....and when I hear these guys outside the outfitting window...stopping whatever task that they are doing to answer questions, or help someone so kindly---it gives me a little lump in my throat. We're SO lucky to be surrounded by such good people---and if you ever feel a little bleak about the younger generation, come and hang out with us for a few days. These guys will fuel your optimism. They're awesome.

This year, I've particularly noticed how lucky we are that these people are modeling young adulthood for our kids. They know how to work and they know how to play....Daniel was sitting on my bed the other night explaining his ideas about work to me. I was doing my darndest to keep my eyes seems in the summer, chatting time comes after 10:30 pm. So---I give it a good shot. Anyway---he's explaining about scrubbing lifejackets with a young friend of his (who was feeling a little less enthusiastic about the whole thing). And he said---well Mom, if I don't do it right, then Paul is just going to have to do it all over again. What a waste of time. So I figure, either I do the job right, or I might as well just go fishing. Almost as eloquent as Ben Franklin---and this, he learned from the staff---as he spends good chunks of time working with them. Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to each one...

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