Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunny Day

Yesterday I took my camera with me. The day was something.

The water on Sag was as clear as the sky.

These plants---some relative of horsetails, or maybe just a form of horsetails without the bristles. When the kids were really little we used to take them apart and almost put them back together, like toys. I think somebody told me a common name for them was tinkertoys. Or we made that up, because it fits. They have silica in them--so they are a little like sandpaper--know the ones I mean?

The squirrels are so so busy. Denali feels the need to supervise....she keeps an eye on them at all times.

It looks like an apple, but it's actually a fat rose hip.

For flowers--this time of year---we get purple asters. Not bad!

And then there are the pines.

And the enormous sky------it was a day.

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